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Physicals services offered in Phoenix, AZ

Physicals provide an opportunity for your healthcare provider to assess your current health status and identify any potential health issues. At EMC Walk-In and Wellness, we perform many types of physical exams for work, school, and sports. If you need a physical, the team welcomes walk-ins and offers direct-access primary care services for your convenience. Call or schedule an appointment online today to learn more.

What are physicals?

Physicals are comprehensive medical evaluations that assess your overall health and well-being. They typically involve a medical history review, a physical examination, and various health screenings or tests.

Routine physicals are important for identifying potential health concerns early on and monitoring chronic conditions. They also ensure you remain up to date on necessary health screenings or vaccinations to protect your health as you age. 

A physical serves as an opportunity to discuss any health concerns or questions you have and receive the appropriate guidance from your primary care provider.

Are there different types of physicals?

Several different types of physicals can assess your physical, mental, and emotional fitness for different situations. EMC Walk-In and Wellness offers many of these, including:


An annual physical is an exam your provider performs once a year to assess your health. During the evaluation, the team checks your vitals, reviews your medical history, and performs various tests and screenings to detect potential health problems.


Work physicals evaluate your physical and mental abilities to perform specific job duties, particularly if you have a career that requires manual labor.


School districts in Arizona require students to undergo routine physicals to ensure they’re healthy and able to participate in school activities.


Many schools and athletic programs require players to complete physicals before the start of a new season to make sure student-athletes are healthy and fit enough for sports.

I just booked a physical. What can I expect?

What happens during a physical depends on many factors, including your age, sex, health history, and the purpose of the physical. After reviewing your medical history, the team asks questions about your diet, lifestyle, and sexual health to make any necessary updates.

Next, your provider performs a head-to-toe physical. First, they use an otoscope to check inside your mouth, ears, nose, and eyes. They also listen to your heart and lungs with a stethoscope and touch your abdomen to check for swelling or abnormal organ placement. Finally, your provider tests your reflexes and muscle strength.

If you’re visiting for a specialized physical exam, you may need additional testing, such as lab work or imaging scans. You may also need to bring specific paperwork to your exam.

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